About the company
Juegos Dinova

Founded in 1983, Juegos Dinova is part of the Susaeta publishing group, dedicated to producing board games, educational games, handicrafts and jigsaw puzzles since it was first created. The majority of the range is still produced in Spain, now combined with some overseas production. Wherever they are produced, high quality standards are maintained.

Juegos Dinova has recently added new lines such as Princess Top, Play & Story and Spinning Planet. It is also updating the company’s long-time classic ranges such as Handicrafts, Educational Games, Games, Jigsaw Puzzles and Super Arts&Crafts.

Adding to and refereshing its range every year, Juegos Dinova offers a varied and attractive array of products for children. With educational games and handicrafts, as well as characters from the major licences, the youngest members of your household will be constantly entertained.


c/ Campezo 13
Madrid 28022
Tel.:913 009 100
Fax: 913 009 118